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Cancel Culture concept or cultural cancellation and social media censorship as canceling or restricting opinions that are offensive or controversial to the public with 3D illustration elements.

Replacing Rush Limbaugh and Dismantling Big Tech

Episode #38  |  June 2nd, 2021
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In This Episode:

We all live in the shadow of Big Tech and the corporate media, and their free-speech restrictions lately have America looking more like North Korea every day. Yes, the proliferation of social media in the past decade has led to more access to information, but only if the Zuckerbergs of the world allow you to see it. Listen, I’m all for the free market, but there comes a breaking point when we need to bust up the Silicon Valley monopolies. And we’re breaking, America. Conservative talk show powerhouse and fellow American Consequences contributor Buck Sexton details his own stories of censorship and shadow banning, noting that what we need are antitrust laws and more competition in the digital platform space. 

The two also discuss how the pandemic made news even less trustworthy, balancing the First Amendment with capitalism and Buck’s new gig hosting a show in the late Rush Limbaugh’s time slot.


Buck Sexton

Syndicated Radio Host, Author and Writer
Buck Sexton is host of The Buck Sexton Show. Each day on the national radio program, he discusses the news, information and events that matter most to the daily lives of Americans. From business and politics, to entertainment and social issues, he shares his candid, passionate takes on the latest local, national and global headlines, and welcomes a variety of guests and experts.

Episode Extras:

  • Rush Limbaugh was the general of the conservative media movement: his opening monologue set the tone for the Right’s agenda and had the potency to change the direction of the nation’s political discourse. 
  • Rush Limbaugh may be gone, but his influence remains – Buck details Rush’s impact as a First Amendment advocate and how he plans to continue championing free speech as his new talk show steps into his hero’s form time slot
  • For the corporate media in 2020, their strategy was clear: whatever Trump said, they would go the other way. Undermining the former president was more critical to them than getting the facts right during the COVID crisis. 
  • Facing Big Tech with a DNC-editorial slant, Conservatives don’t have to make another internet or beat Facebook — they only need viable alternatives in the digital platform space. So think beyond Parler or Rumble. 
  • There’s a futility in tweeting about the injustices of Twitter on Twitter, as you’re still beholden to them — like trying to bite the hand that feeds you while clenched in their fist.
  • The GOP’s midterm strategy in 2022 needs to rest on promoting state-driven successes, i.e., highlighting how Texas and Florida have relatively thrived during the pandemic while many Blue states have floundered
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