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Unfiltered. Unwavering. Hard Hitting. Informative.

Each week, the American Consequences podcast dives deep into fiscal and monetary policy, politics, and economics. You’ll get a view of the FED, the White House, and the World like nowhere else. Subscribe to stay up-to-date on the biggest guests and the best analysis, all with the signature Trish Regan insight.


Episode #1  |  September 16, 2020
Can We Get Back To A Pre-Pandemic Economy?

On the debut episode of Trish Regan’s American Consequences, Trish takes a deep dive into the current state of the American economy, and what role the FED plays in returning to the norm. Are we headed toward a Socialist America? Writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza joins Trish to discuss his new book and the potential hazards of a socialistic path. Debbie D’Souza, political advocate and wife of Dinesh, shares her experiences from living through her home country of Venezuela’s transition into Socialism.


Debbie D’Souza, Dinesh D’Souza
Episode #22  |  February 11, 2020
American Consequences with Trish Regan Podcast

Thanks for your interest in the American Consequences podcast!  Each week, we take a deep dive into the latest political and financial happenings... But you won't hear generic mainstream soundbites on our show -- American Consequences pulls back the curtain on what's really happening.


Anthony Scaramucci, Brian Babin
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